Monday, July 30, 2012

Madame Alexander Doll Cancellations

The following Madame Alexander Dolls will not be produced in 2012 like we had expected:
  1. Pope Alexander VI (#64370)
  2. Waldo (#64765)
  3. Wendy Loves Puff the Magic Dragon (#64675)
We expect that the Alexander Doll Company might have run into licensing issues with producing these dolls.  This has happened in the past but thankfully, this is a rare occurrence. We were really looking forward to the Where's Waldo? doll but these things happen.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FAO Schwarz's "A Gallery of Steiff Collectibles'

For those of you either living close to or planning to visit NYC before September 4th, we would highly recommend stopping by the FAO Schwarz Flagship Store located on 5th Avenue right in the heart of New York City.

This famous toy store is celebrating their 150th anniversary and to commemorate this event, they are exhibiting some famous vintage Steiff pieces dated anywhere from 1898 through 1932.  On display are Steiff ducks, cats, horses, rabbits, airplanes, and of course, plenty of teddy bears. 

We have been told that admission is free to the public and the display once again runs until September 4, 2012.  A perfect way to spend a hot summer's day, and enjoy Steiff's incredible past!

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Background of Snoopy Flying Ace

Steiff  has introduced an excellent interpretation of Snoopy Flying Ace EAN 682070, and we were curious what the actual background was for this Charles Schulz wildly popular cartoon character, Snoopy.

Per Wikipedia, "Snoopy Ace is a fictional story set in 1917 Europe and northern Africa during World War 1.  Snoopy, a famous Allied fighter pilor, must comabt the Imperial German Army Air Service.  His primary target is a specialized group of pilors dubbed the Flying Circus, and its commander, Manfred con Richthofen, aka the Red Baron."

In discovering this bit of historical information, we are curious if this is how Snoopy initially got his name in the "Peanuts" cartoon series?

Anyway, we have found that this Steiff piece is in high demand, and Snoopy's popularity is here to stay.

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Enhancement - Out of Stock Email Notifications

Beacon's Glow Collectibles has recently changed their Company Pledge.We have decided to do away with only allowing items on the site that are in stock and ready to ship.  Now all items on the site are visible to include both Out of Stock items and Out of Stock items that are upcoming inventory items.

So, if you get to a page on Beacon's Glow that show that an item is out of stock, and you would like to be notified when the item is back in stock, simply perform the following:

1.  Say, for example you would like to order the Adora Doll "Violet and Velvet Adora Dolls 2021027" -  You notice that there are none of these dolls to order and want to be notified when she does become back in stock.

2.  Select "Email Me When Back in Stock" under "Add to Wishlist".
3.  The following screen appears:

4.  Please fill in your email address and click on "Submit".
5.  When the item is back in stock, you will receive an email similar to this one with the subject line "The product you want is in stock at":

A product you showed interest in is now in stock.

Violet and Velvet Adora Dolls 2021027 Violet and Velvet Adora Dolls 2021027 is an adorable 20-inch vinyl Adora baby doll that wears a pretty soft violet floral print dress with a gathered hemline and purple velvet details at the bodice of her dress. She wears a pair of cream colored fauc pearl earrings in her little ears. Violet and Velvet by Adora Dolls is from Adora Dolls Toddler Collection., $84.95 Read more about this product

You will even have the capability to order this product from this email if you would like.  It brings you directly to the shopping cart.

We would love to hear your comments about this new site feature.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Brand New - Minky Bears

So. what exactly is a Minky Bear?  A Minky Bear is a hand-made teddy bear made from recycled vintage mink fur that has been created by Brenda, the Owner of Beacon's Glow Collectibles.

Each Minky Bear is a precious 6-inch tall teddy bear made from vintage mink fur.  This one-of-a-kind teddy  is entirely hand-stitched and 5-way jointed using cotter pin-disc joints. Every teddy has black German glass eyes and hand-sculpted Polymer clay nose.  Faces have been carefully scissor sculpted.  Minky Bears are filled with a mix of wood wool excelsior and wool blend poly and just a touch of steel shot to give them just the right about of heft.  Each bear has been fully lined for durability. Additionally, all have ultra-suede paw pads.  These adorable Minky Bear comes with a Swarovski crystal heart with pearl accents hanging on a cord around her neck. 

Trust us - once you pick up one of these litttle cuties, it is very difficult to put them down again.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Steiff's Fall Introduction - Toto EAN 682261 from "The Wizard of Oz"

Steiff is introducing Dorothy's sidekick from 'The Wizard of Oz' this Fall.  Toto EAN 682261 will be a perfect match to go with Dorothy, EAN 681998.  He is 3-3/4 inches tall and made out of the finest Schulte mohair.  His wooden basket is also included with the classic checkered kerchief. Toto is an exclusive edition made especially for the UK, US, and Ireland.

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Update on Boyds Bears, Jim Shore, and Snowbabies by Department 56

At first we thought it was an exception but because of the timing, we can now confirm that Enesce (distributors of Boyd's Bears, Jim Shore Figurines, and Snowbabies by Department 56) ships out both Halloween and Fall, as well as Christmas holiday items in late June and early July.  We have been keeping very busy getting these items out on the site but it is a bit difficult to get in the mood, so to speak, when the holidays are months and months in the future.  This is the way that Enesco times their shipments and it does not look like that is going to change in the near future.  But anyway, for those of you early holiday shoppers, now is the time to get a head start on your shopping. 

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Friday, July 6, 2012

July 4th Fireworks Celebration Austin-Style

2012 Austin, Texas Fireworks Display
We here at Beacon's Glow Collectibles hope that you and your families had a wonderful 4th of July holiday.  A perfect time to spend with family and friends. . . Austin, TX, had an incredible fireworks display and we were fortunate enough to get a perfect view of them.

Enjoy your summer, and stay cool!

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hermann-Spielwaren GmbH Have Arrived!

Results from a recent customer survey asked if we could start carrying Hermann-Spielwaren GmbH bears handmade in Germany.  They arrived in last Friday and they are quite stunning.  The attention to detail in each bear is quite incredible.  Pictured above is the award-winning "The Queens Jubilee" commemorating Queen Elizabeth's 60th anniversary.
Quote of the Day - "Life isn't about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself." - George Bernard Shaw