Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Lots of Charlie Bears to Arrive Today!

We are pleased to announce that FedEx will be delivering a large shipment of Charlie Bears today.  As always, it truly feels like Christmas each time a bear delivery arrives to be unpacked.

Beacon's Glow Collectibles is getting a refill on several older Charlie Bears to offer customers in plenty of time to order for the holidays.

One of the most popular trios that Charlie Bears offered in the past was the lion set of Linus (lion), Savannah (baby lion), and Lyra (lioness).  We are so excited to be getting in more of these adorable lions.

It was so enjoyable getting to watch Will and Charlie on QVC for their first US appearance on September 26th.  Such an adorable couple and it is obvious that they are both very passionate about Charlie Bears. 

Since there has not been a plush teddy bear company here in the US for many years, we predict that Charlie Bears will take the US market by storm (as they have done in several other countries).

Please stay tuned as we continue to receive in more plush and mohair Charlie Bears!

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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Charlie Bears Halloween Enchantment Collection on Its Way!

We are pleased to announce that we have gotten word that the five very special Charlie Bears teddies and characters are on their way to us from the Florida Bearhouse.

This is one of four special mini series from the 2017 Charlie Bears Collection.  Charlie and Alison Mills created and exclusively designed each of these characters.

In this collection there is a first for Charlie Bears - a pumpkin with jointed arms and legs and he is named Trick.

There is also a half pumpkin called Treat.  He can be used as a Halloween treat bowl or one of the other characters can sit atop him for a really cute look.

Wanda is an adorable Halloween owl and Brat is a teddy bear dressed in a rat Halloween costume.  He is made from a gorgeous deep purple plush.

And no special Halloween collection can be complete without a black cat.  Stella is up to the job and she is made from a long pile black plush.

If you have not already contacted us to be put on our pre-order list, please do as we expect these will sell out very quickly.

Happy Halloween!

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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Charlotte and William Morris of Charlie Bears on QVC US For The First Time!

Were you lucky enough to catch Charlie Bears on QVC US for the first time on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017?

There were actually two shows that day - one in the very early morning and one around dinnertime.

I do believe that this adorable couple have taken the bear collectible world by storm!  Their very special QVC Exclusive bear, McKinley, sold out within just a couple of hours.  And this amazing little bear was an edition of 1500 pieces.  (Can't wait to meet McKinley as I got word from QVC that he is on his way. . . )

Charlie Bears began back in 2005 and this company has been a success from the start.  They offer wonderful handmade teddy bears and critters that have so much personality.  As Charlotte (Charlie) herself likes to say "Charlie Bears are bears with personalities".

The first QVC presenter referred to her as the "Willy Wonka of the teddy bear world" and I believe that this aptly fits.

Anyway, there were so many wonderful bears and animals presented during both QVC shows.

It is interesting to note that Beacon's Glow Collectibles was actually the first Charlie Bears retailer (stockist as they like to say) in the United States.  We began carrying Charlie Bears back in 2008 and thrive on carrying a wide variety of bears for our collectors.

We are thrilled that Charlie and Will will be presenting on QVC in the future as well.  From one of the shows, we heard that they will be back in February of 2018.  Please stay tuned!

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Ruby Red Galleria Yu Ping Dolls Have Arrived!

What a great way to start a Monday! Our Ruby Red Galleria shipment of dolls arrived today and shipping from Hong Kong was amazingly fast. Wouldn't it be great if all manufacturers could follow their lead? ;)

Every doll is so very nice and so adorable. Their clothes and accessories are very well made with a lot of detail. They all were packed very well as each collectible doll was double-boxed. Every doll is wrapped in a padded white satin bunting tied with white satin bows.

Hard to pick a favorite but I think that Yu Ping is definitely a contender. She is so tiny and petite and what a great face! IMHO there is something so sweet and innocent in the face of a little Chinese girl. . .

Please take a look! If you do not already have a Ruby Red Galleria doll in your collection, I would highly recommend adding one.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Charlie Bears Secret Cupboard Collection Lazybones

We were fortunate to get the opportunity to purchase the adorable Lazybones, a Charlie Bear from their Secret Cupboard Collection.  Isn't he amazing?

Lazybones is 15-1/2 inches tall teddybear made from a winter white mohair with dramatic blue tipping.  He comes from a limited worldwide edition of only 500 pieces.

Please check our Deals of the Day as this bear could very well be included in one of our daily specials. ;)

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer Festival Steiff Bears Are On Their Way!

It is that time of the year again for the Steiff Summer Festival which is held in Giengen, Germany on an annual basis.

Limited to only 500 pieces, this very special set was created exclusively for the 2017 Festival.

These two very colorful teddy bears pay homage to the very first vibrant Steiff bears ever made.  The original set was produced for Harrods in 1908 and are primary red and yellow bears.  Made from mohair, each has a sculpted muzzle and a replica of the original Steiff elephant 'Button in Ear' tag.

One bear measure 7 inches and the other 8 inches tall.

Truly a very special Steiff set for that discerning bear collector!

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