Thursday, July 24, 2014

Charlie Bears on QVC UK This Week

Just finished watching the first of four Charlie Bear shows on QVC UK.  We were hoping to see Charlie (Charlotte Morris) join her husband, Will, but unfortunately it never happened.  Keeping our fingers crossed that she will make an appearance on one of their upcoming shows.  We just love watching Will but Charlie brings an additional perspective to the creation of these incredible collectible teddy bears. Do they make a terrific couple or what?

William made many comments that we feel are worth sharing to further embrace the Charlie Bears brand:

  1. 2015 will mark Charlie Bears tenth anniversary.
  2. For those of you who are not familiar with the term "Plumo", this is a Charlie Bears-specific phrase when referring to a teddy bear who has mohair on both his ears and face, and the rest of him is plush material.
  3. It was fun to learn some Christmas meal favorites from the UK which are definitely different than those traditional fixings here in the US (i.e., parsnip, mince pie, and brussel sprouts).
  4. The Charlie Bears "Best Friends Club" now boasts more than 4000 members worldwide.
  5. Charlie Bears tends to stay away from creating Christmas themed bears as they feel that these wonderful teddybears should be out on display all year.
  6. All Charlie Bear Bearhouse bears (which are non-jointed bears and animals) are made of plush and are named after famous castles and landmarks. (Drogo (pictured above) was a Bearhouse animal presented on the show).
  7. Mohair bears are intended for the discerning collector 14 years old and above, and are considered adult collectibles.
  8. Mrs. Lovely was named after Will's sister.  (She actually works for Charlie Bears in sales and marketing in Europe).
  9. The term 'tickly toes' refers to a bear paw pad that has stitching for the toes that is quite obvious.
  10. Many times Charlie Bears get their names from Charlie Bear collectors. (On this show, Rowena was presented and she was named after a collector).  An adorable bear by the way!
  11. Charlie Bears never come out of retirement.  Once they are retired, that is it.  (On occasion, Will did mention that they will bring back a smaller version but this is not commonplace).
Absolutely loved the Brussel bear that was presented during this show.  His face was just amazing!

Please watch the QVC schedule to see when Charlie Bears will once again present on QVC UK.  (In Texas, there is a 6 hour difference from the UK.  So for example if the show is on 2-3 pm UK time, it would be 8 am CST).

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Charlie of Charlie Bears is Back! :)

We are looking forward to seeing both Charlie and Will  Morris (founders of Charlie Bears) this Thursday, July 24th on QVC UK.  The show will start at 8:00 AM Central Standard Time (CST).

It is our understanding that this will be the first time since her illness that Charlotte Morris has appeared together with her husband on the QVC shopping network. They are always such a joy to watch.  And the UK QVC hosts animate the bears a bit which is a pleasant change from watching QVC here in the US.

We expect that they will both be introducing many of their 2014 Plush Bears but hope that they will also showcase some of their mohair and alpaca bears from 2013 that have not shipped at this writing.  Still patiently waiting for both Aphrodite and Cupid.  There is no doubt in our mind that these two alpaca collectible bears will be absolutely stunning in real life.

We would highly recommend tuning in to see this adorable couple this Thursday on QVC UK!

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Blast From the Past - How Things Have Changed!

Chloe - Dolls by Pauline
Was in the process of cleaning out some extraneous computer files, and came across a News Release way back from November 2004.  At that time, Beacon's Glow Collectibles carried 12 unique lines of collectible dolls and teddy bears with 800 different products.

So, do any of these lines from the past ring a bell?

  • Jan McLean Dolls
  • Ginny Dolls by Vogue
  • Precious Moments Dolls
  • Linda Rick Dolls
  • Susan Wakeen Dolls (very popular at that time)
  • Doll by Pauline (our best selling line back in 2004)
  • Annette Funicello Bears
  • Ganz Cottage Collectibles
  • Lang Primitive Candles

There is a story to be told as to why we stopped carrying each of these lines.  Many of these manufacturers are non-existent at this time unfortunately.  (We did read the other day that Lang is bringing back their candles which is good news). They discontinued carrying candles many years ago. But the main reason that we stopped carrying them was that it was difficult to successfully ship candles in the summer months.  They melted before they left Texas.

Anyway, we hope that you still have some of these wonderful dolls or teddy bears from the past in your collections.

Currently we carry 19 different lines and have more than 3000 different items to offer consumers.  Times sure have changed in 10 years!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014 Steiff Bears Fall Line

Franz Teddy Bear by Steiff EAN 034060

The official launch date to introduce the up and coming 2014 Steiff Fall line was July 1st.  We have to say that this collection is amazing!  There are so many incredible teddy bears and animals that it makes it so hard to choose a favorite.

And all of the North American Exclusives, Replicas, and Worldwide Limited Editions come with a very special 'Button in Ear' tag.  In 1904 the founder, Margarete Steiff, officially registered the "Button in Ear".  This memorable event is now commemorated with an ear tag that contains the very same elephant motif that was used more than 110 years ago.

 A bit about this fantastic collection directly from Steiff:

"There's a new parade of novelties headed your way for fall and holiday 2014. Leading the procession is Lukas, the drummer boy, with his little tin drum. In his smart white mohair coat, he sets the pace for a cast of characters that's sure to bring joy to collectors everwhere. There are rare treasures, unique replicas, and lovable animals in store for everyone.

 Fall marks the return of the coveted Margarete Steiff edition. This black-tag series represents the very best of Steiff design and craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously handmade by our most skilled artisans and produced in strictly low quantities. This special edition pays tribute to Franz Steiff who developed the famous "Button in Ear" trademark exactly 110 years ago. The bear comes with a copy of the original button patent and a sealing wax kit.

 The collection also includes characters designed to help collectors celebrate the upcoming holiday season. There's a musical bear that plays "Last Christmas," a little girl Teddy in a snowflake gown, and a pair of festive ornaments.

 Plus, there are plenty of ideas for gift-giving. Wouldn't Teddy with Matryoshka make a wonderful Christmas surprise? And who wouldn't appreciate the gift of adventure with our Marco and Niccolo Teddy bears?

 Naturally, you'll also find new exclusives for the North American audience. The ever-popular series of bears with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS continues with "Rudy," a fresh, new pink bear. The next "Wizard of Oz" edition is the Scarecrow, officially licensed by Warner Brothers.  

 Replicas also have their place in the festivities. There's a 1908 Teddy that looks amazingly like a vintage bear. And leading the tail end of the parade? A donkey replica on wheels from 1929, complete with squeaker."

Please stay tuned as we expect that these gems will start shipping in late Fall.

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