Thursday, June 26, 2008

Jim Shore Figurines and Disney Traditions

While unpacking our brand new Jim Shore Figurines inventory, we came across this insert within one of the Jim Shore Disney Traditions pieces by Enesco that we thought might be of interest to you:

"We have proved," said Walt Disney, "that the age-old kind of entertainment based on the classic fairy tale recognizes no young, no old." Generations have been touched by the timeless enchantment of the Disney classics - wonderful animated tales treasured the world over. The romantic princesses, noble heroes, and magical beings who dwell in the faraway places and mythical lands of Disney animations also live in our hearts, illuminate our dreams, and inspire our hopes. Such cherished characters as lovely Snow White and lively Pinocchio are well-loved members of our families.

Now the most wondrous of Walt Disney's creations weave their spell once again as charming sculptured figures from Disney Traditions designed by Jim Shore. These beloved Disney characters are sure to touch your heart, lift your spirits and make wishes-come-true seem like a reality. . . so that young and old alike can experience the golden glow of happily-ever-after.

Quote of the Day - "Your hopes and wishes are your own - you cannot ever let them be defined by others." - Anonymous

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fancy Nancy Dolls by Madame Alexander Back in Stock

We are pleased to announce that after a lengthy delay, the very popular 8-inch Fancy Nancy Dolls by Madame Alexander are back in stock. This 8-inch Fancy Nancy Madame Alexander Doll was created from the children's book, Fancy Nancy, written by Jane O'Conner.

Beacons Glow Collectibles also has the cloth 18-inch Fancy Nancy in stock from Madame Alexander.

We also expect to be getting in the 26-inch Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy doll in the next couple of months. These were at the Madame Alexander display at Toy Fair in New York City in January and many Fancy Nancy fans expressed interest in this larger cloth doll.

Quote of the Day - "A happy woman is one who has no cares at all; a cheerful woman is one who has cares but doesn't let them get her down." - Beverly Sills

Friday, June 20, 2008

Jim Shore Figurines Have Arrived!

We are very pleased to announce that we are now an Authorized Retailer of Jim Shore Figurines distributed by Enesco.

It has been so enjoyable opening up each and every Jim Shore Heartwood Creek item. Jim's figurines are so very colorful and intricate, and as most of you already know, each figurine is made of stone resin to resemble hand-carved wood.

And we have finally gotten them all out on the site and categorized as follows:

1. Jim Shore Angels (one of Jim’s most popular collections, his angels are truly inspirational and highly detailed).
2. Jim Shore Animals (this collection includes cats, rabbits, geese, and pigs to name just a few).
3. Jim Shore Boyds Bears (a culmination of effort between Boyds Bears and Jim. Inspired by Jim’s boyhood teddy and his love of traditional folk art designs).
4. Jim Shore Circus (inspired by Jim’s own childhood memories of the circus)
5. Jim Shore Disney Traditions (as Jim states, “Disney Traditions represents all that Disney and Jim Shore enthusiasts have come to love – creativity, warmth and nostalgia).
6. Jim Shore Garden (indoors or outdoors, these pieces are meant to last and withstand the elements).
7. Jim Shore Holiday (Jim’s most popular collection to include Christmas, Halloween, Harvest and Thanksgiving).
8. Jim Shore Seashore
(includes lighthouses and tropical fish).

We are still receiving in several more Jim Shore pieces so please check back occasionally to see what has been added. As always, comments or special requests are always welcome.

Quote of the Day - "Keep your face to the sunshine and you will never see the shadow".
- Helen Keller

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek to be Arriving Soon!

For those of you who have not heard, Enesco has bought out the Boyds Bears Company. It happened just recently. Boyds will maintain their design and research staff while collaborating with Enesco. We here at Beacon's Glow Collectibles believe this to be a very good thing. In fact, we should be receiving in Boyds new 2008 catalogs shortly, and can't wait to see all of the new teddybears. Please stay tuned as we shall keep you posted as to when new Boyds inventory will arrive. In the meantime, most of our Boyds Bears inventory has been put on sale for the month of June; and we expect to continue this through July.

Since we are now an Enesco customer, we have decided to start carrying Jim Shore Heartwood Creek figurines. Our initial order has been placed so it is just a matter of time before Jim's wonderful figurines start arriving. We watch him on QVC and just love his work. (And, Jim seems to be a sincere and wonderful person).

We hope that you are surviving these hot spells throughout the country.

Quote of the Day - "When one of your dreams come true, you begin to look at the others more carefully." - Anonymous