Monday, July 31, 2017

Ruby Red Galleria Yu Ping Dolls Have Arrived!

What a great way to start a Monday! Our Ruby Red Galleria shipment of dolls arrived today and shipping from Hong Kong was amazingly fast. Wouldn't it be great if all manufacturers could follow their lead? ;)

Every doll is so very nice and so adorable. Their clothes and accessories are very well made with a lot of detail. They all were packed very well as each collectible doll was double-boxed. Every doll is wrapped in a padded white satin bunting tied with white satin bows.

Hard to pick a favorite but I think that Yu Ping is definitely a contender. She is so tiny and petite and what a great face! IMHO there is something so sweet and innocent in the face of a little Chinese girl. . .

Please take a look! If you do not already have a Ruby Red Galleria doll in your collection, I would highly recommend adding one.

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Charlie Bears Secret Cupboard Collection Lazybones

We were fortunate to get the opportunity to purchase the adorable Lazybones, a Charlie Bear from their Secret Cupboard Collection.  Isn't he amazing?

Lazybones is 15-1/2 inches tall teddybear made from a winter white mohair with dramatic blue tipping.  He comes from a limited worldwide edition of only 500 pieces.

Please check our Deals of the Day as this bear could very well be included in one of our daily specials. ;)

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Friday, July 28, 2017

Summer Festival Steiff Bears Are On Their Way!

It is that time of the year again for the Steiff Summer Festival which is held in Giengen, Germany on an annual basis.

Limited to only 500 pieces, this very special set was created exclusively for the 2017 Festival.

These two very colorful teddy bears pay homage to the very first vibrant Steiff bears ever made.  The original set was produced for Harrods in 1908 and are primary red and yellow bears.  Made from mohair, each has a sculpted muzzle and a replica of the original Steiff elephant 'Button in Ear' tag.

One bear measure 7 inches and the other 8 inches tall.

Truly a very special Steiff set for that discerning bear collector!

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Charlie Bears Brenda Teddy Bear

I was thrilled to find out that Charlie Bears had included a bear named Brenda in their 2017 Collection. Brenda is 14 inches tall and is made from Plumo (a combination of both plush and mohair).  Her snout and ears are both mohair.  She comes from a worldwide limited edition of 3000 pieces.

I know that this teddy was named after Will's (Charlie's husband) grandmother but is still very special to me because I have the same name.

After an arduous wait of nearly 7 months, our first Charlie Bear shipment of the year arrived and what a shipment it was!  So many amazing plush and mohair Charlie Bears were included as well as several Minimos that we were waiting for from 2016.  (Many have already sold out and we can certainly understand why!)

I am so looking forward to what our next shipment holds!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Yu Ping Doll by Ruby Red Galleria is On Her Way

We are very pleased to announce that just recently we have become an authorized retailer of Ruby Red Galleria Dolls.

Ruby Red Galleria Dolls are exquisitely crafted 5-way jointed and ball-jointed dolls (BJD) designed in Hong Kong.  We will be carrying the following collections to begin with:  Ten Ping Dolls and Four Kindergartner Collectible Dolls.

This company was started back in 2008 and initially introduced their BJD rendition of a Bluette Doll.  They have fine-tuned their doll offerings to suit US collectors and their little Yu Ping Dolls are wildly popular.

We just got news today that our first shipment in on the way.  Please stay tuned!

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