Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Madame Alexander Tiny Betty Dolls are Here!

After a much anticipated wait, we have received in all of the brand new Tiny Betty Dolls by Madame Alexander Dolls.

These dolls were first introduced in 1935, and Tiny Betty's face has been used numerous times over the years for many of Madame Alexander's smallest creations.

Each Tiny Betty doll comes costumed in a beautiful recreation of her original vintage outfit befitting to special occasions and holidays.

As with the originals, each Tiny Betty features a sweet, wistful facial expression and painted face, panties, socks and shoes. All dolls are vinyl and stand 7 inches tall.

This new collection includes:

  1. Tiny Betty Easter

  2. Tiny Betty Christmas

  3. Tiny Betty Halloween

  4. Tiny Betty St. Patricks Day

  5. Tiny Betty 1st Communion

They were definitely worth the wait as the whole collection is just adorable and reasonably priced at $24.95 each.

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Madame Alexander Fancy Nancy Dolls

Fancy Nancy, the very popular children's book written by Jane O'Conner, has taken the world by storm. For those of you that haven't ready any of Jane's books, Fancy Nancy enjoys all things glamorous, frilly and fancy.

Madame Alexander has already introduced two Fancy Nancy dolls - Fancy Nancy 8-inch vinyl doll and Fancy Nancy 18-inch Cloth doll.

Five more Fancy Nancy dolls and friends should be arriving in early September.

They are:

Fancy Nancy 29-inch Cloth Doll by Madame Alexander dolls
Fancy Nancy 18-inch Snowflake Cloth Doll by Madame Alexander dolls
Fancy Nancy Bonjour Butterfly 8-inch vinyl doll by Madame Alexander dolls
Fancy Nancy 9-inch vinyl doll and Posh Puppy by Madame Alexander dolls
Fancy Nancy Frenchy the Posh puppy 6-1/2-inch plush dog by Madame Alexander dolls

Please check back in September for their availability.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Boyds Bears are Back!

We have recently been receiving in several of the new Boyds Bears from Enesco. As we had previously discussed, this union between Boyds Bears and Enesco marks a new and energized beginning for Boyds Bears. The financial issues are now behind them so the folks at Boyds can now concentrate on creating those teddy bears and plush animals that we have come to know and love.

This past week we received in pieces from the following new Boyds Bears lines from the 2008 Fall-Winter Collection. These Fashion Families include:

  • The Bearamericans

  • The Heart of All Great Things. . .

  • Blessings from Above

  • Bundle Up!
Additionally, we are getting in new Fall 2008 Uncle Beans Treasure Boxes and Boyds Bearstones. All pieces so far have been 1E editions, so we hope that that continues.

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