Wednesday, April 6, 2016

2016 Charlie Bears Now In Stock

It has been a busy year so far for the Charlie Bears Bearhouse.  Besides trying to catch up with the remaining 2015 teddy bears, they are now starting to ship teddies and such from their 2016 collection.

We are expecting in the following items towards the end of this week:

Name Code
Anais SJ5369
Anniversary Kylie SJ5472
Anniversary Poem SJ5506
Anniversary Tutti Frutti SJ5468
Anniversary Vincent SJ5465
Charlie Year Bear 2016 CB161682
Desmond CB165118
Diddy MM645321A
Flossy MM645316B
Flummadiddle SJ5368
Footprints SJ5357
Gadget SJ5355
Hoglet MM645308
Jane CB161634
Marshmallow CB161616
Mr Wright SJ5343
Napoleon SJ5358
Ode SJ5362
Orange Pippin SJ5335A
Pepper Pot CB161698
Pitter Patter MM645310
Plumduff SJ5347
Quibble SJ5372
Reech CB161638
Sheba CB161627
Susan CB161621
Wisdom CB161531O

As you can see, some are highly anticipated bears from 2015, and there are also some very popular bears from 2016.  

Can't wait to see Footprints in person!  Please stay tuned. . . 

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