Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Snowbabies by Department 56 Dream Collection

Brand new for 2011, Snowbabies by Department 56 has a very nice line called Dream. Each piece in this collection has vintage silverish-gold glitter on each figurine and display item. The glitter gives the appearance of an old-fashioned Christmas and enhances each Snowbabies in a magical way.

Pictured above is one of Department 56's Snowbabies Dream store display. Wouldn't this look great in your own home? Anyway, we are carrying many of these Dream pieces and we might recommend selecting the "**All Snowbabies and Snowbunnies" category contained within the main category "Snowbabies by Dept 56".

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Some of You Had Asked. . . .

A few customers had asked the owner of Beacon's Glow Collectibles, Brenda Mize, to post some photos on the website so that you could put a face with the name, so to speak. Our apologies for taking so long to get this accomplished but it has finally been completed. And can now be viewed on the 'About Us' page of the Beacon's Glow Collectibles website.

Thanks to you all for your continued patronage and support!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Marie Osmond Dolls 20th Anniversary Collection

Late yesterday we received in most of Marie Osmond Doll's 20th Anniversary Collection. This anniversary collection has Marie Osmond Doll collectors scrambling to obtain dolls from her current collection.

It is hard to believe that Marie Osmond has been producing collectibles for 20 years now. For those of you who were not able to catch Marie on QVC for her anniversary show, there definitely seems to be a renewed interest in her dolls.

Several of these dolls from this collection have already sold out but those that we received in yesterday were as follows:

Marie Sunshine and Happiness

My Perfect Pal

My Beary Special Friend

Adora Belle The Roaring 20's

Andelyn Wickedly Cute Tiny Tot

Baby Olive Marie Heirloom Tiny Tot

Friendship Rose Butterfly Whispers

Little Lovey's Closet

20th Anniversary Kissy My Heart

20th Anniversary Platinum Rose


The two additional dolls that we expect to be receiving in mid-October (according to Charisma, distributor of Marie Osmond Dolls) are both Love Makes the World Go Round and Casperella, a Retailer Exclusive.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Snowbabies by Department 56 Ornaments

Snowbabies by Department 56 has come out with a wide variety of ornaments in 2011. Some are replicas of their larger Snowbabies and some are from the Dream Collection. (For those of you who have not heard what the Dream Collection of Snowbabies is, this collection consists of figurines and ornaments that a dusted with a vintage silver glitter). This new look is comfortably familiar yet new at the same time.

Currently we have 30 different Snowbabies ornaments to choose from. What a perfect holiday hostess gift or keepsake to give to someone special.

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Boyds Bears Bear of the Month for the Final Quarter of 2011

Just recently we received in Beacon's Glow Collectibles allocation for the Boyd's Bears of the Month last quarter (October, November and December). They are adorable, as always, but our favorite is the October Boyd's Bear of the Month - Tabitha with Boobeary 4021568 (pictured above).

November's Bear of the Month is Gordon with Punky the Giraffe 4021569, and December's Bear of the Month is Holly with Rudy the Moose 4021570.

As is usually the case, please order your Boyds Bear of the Month soon as these are from limited editions of 3000 teddy bears and once they are gone, they can no longer be ordered from Boyd's.

Incidentally, we are very pleased to announce that we have recently been notified by Boyd's Bears that we have been promoted to "Gold Paw Retailer Status" from "Silver Paw Retailer Status".

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Update on the Fires in Bastrop

Thanks to all of you wonderful customers who called us here at Beacon's Glow Collectibles to see if we were affected by the firestorms in Bastrop, Texas. We greatly appreciate your thoughts and concerns.

Bastrop is about 35 miles from Pflugerville, Texas, and believe it or not there were a couple of days when the smoke in the air was very visible right from our front door.

At this time, the fire is still not totally contained and it is Day 13 since the two fires started in Bastrop. More than 1500 homes were totally destroyed in the fire and Bastrop State Park was damaged badly. (Bastrop State Park is an incredible State Park in Texas. In the middle of nowhere, you come upon these incredible pine trees that are just breathtaking. Well, one used to come upon these incredible pine trees but most have been burned to the ground by the fires). In fact, we recently found out that 95 percent of the park has been destroyed by fire.

Anyway, our hearts go out to all of these unfortunate people who lost their homes in these massive fires that destroyed more than 30,000 acres. (And thanks again to those of you who reached out to us to check that we were alright).

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Masterpiece Doll Sizing Chart for Clothing

Masterpiece Dolls was nice enough to post on their site an "Approximate Sizing Chart for Doll Clothing". We are reposting this information below in hopes that it will be beneficial to doll collectors. Of course, these sizes can be used for any doll, even if it is not a Masterpiece Doll.

Approximate Sizing Chart for Doll Clothing
Ht.(in) US Size
29 18/12 mo
32 2T
35 2T/3T
37 3T/2T
38 3T/2T
39 3T/4T
40 4T
42 4T
43 4T/5T
46 5T/4T

We hope that you will find this useful in moving forward. If we get any additional information to add regarding shoe sizes, we will definitely keep you updated.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Steiff Dinosaurs Collection

Steiff Bears has added to their very popular line of dinosaurs to include several new pieces as well as smaller versions of their most popular dinosaurs.

Dinosaur plush collectors can now choose from the following when adding to their collection:

Clippy Baby Mammoth EAN 072314 (8 inches)

Tyrannosaurus Rex EAN 066818 (10 inches)

Raggy Baby Tyrannosaurus (EAN 066788) (5 inches)

Diplodocus EAN 066825 (17 inches)

Lupi Baby Diplodocus EAN 066795 (6 inches)

Stegosaurus EAN 066832 (10 inches)

Triceratops EAN 066849 (10 inches)

Piccy Baby Triceratops EAN 066771 (6 inches)

Rocco Mammoth EAN 072185 (12 inches)

Pteranodon EAN 066856 (14 inches)

As can be seen by the image above, these make a great grouping. All dinosaurs are made of soft woven fur, and are machine washable. And each is safe for children and come with the distinctive Steiff Bears 'Button in Ear' ear tag.

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Did You See Steiff Bears on the SAP Commercial?

We were watching the Bloomberg Evening News the other day and were surprised to see an SAP commercial (which stands for Standard Assessment Procedure) include a Steiff Bear with the famous 'Button in Ear' ear tag being pulled in a red wagon by a little girl.

We knew that Steiff utilized the SAP software in their operations. Upon further research, found that the main headquarters of Steiff, located in Giengen, Germany, has been using SAP since the year 2003. For those of you who did not know, SAP is a German global software corporation that provides enterprise software applications and support to businesses around the world.

Pictured left is one incredible Steiff Bear that we just received in named "Teddy Bear Replica 1906 Caramel EAN 403064". He is quite massive in stature and very impressive by the way. . .

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