Saturday, January 21, 2017

Clemens Bears Introduces their 2017 Teddy Bear Collection

Clemens Bears is definitely the first of several teddy bear companies to introduce their 2017 line.  There are many fine teddybears and critters is this collection and we cannot wait to place our first order of 2017 with them.

There are some adorable Ren Bears as well as some bears and critters from the very talented Anna Dazumal.  In addition, all of the guest teddy bear artists for Clemens Bears are introducing new pieces this year.

Please stay tuned for their appearance on the Beacon's Glow Collectibles website soon.  (And of course please do not hesitate to email us at if you would like for us to reserve any from this amazing collection.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Brand New! Eyes of Texas Dolls Website is Officially Live!

After working quite arduously over the last couple of weeks, Brenda, Owner of Beacon's Glow Collectibles is pleased to announce that her "Eyes of Texas Dolls" website has gone live.

A bit of background information if you might be interested:

Brenda created "Eyes of Texas Dolls" in early 2015.  Since that time, she has handcrafted more than 80 dolls up to this point.  And that number is growing weekly.

Living in Texas for most of her life, it made perfect sense to name her dolls with a Texan theme.  As she likes to say "it's all in the eyes".  No doubt about it, her favorite part in the whole dollmaking process is painting each doll's eyes.

Every doll is handcrafted from a Little Darling Doll mold from the famous doll artist, Dianna Effner.  They are crafted from an air dried casting slip which has been proved to be more durable than porcelain.

As with all handmade items, no two turn out exactly the same.

Her customer base thus far has been very pleased with their collectible one-of-a-kind doll purchases:

  • "Beautifully painted Little Darling.  I am so happy with her and recommend this artist to anyone who loves beautiful hand-painted dolls."
  • "I love Brenda's dolls. They are very expressive and "their eyes are beautiful" - July is so pretty! I love her expression and long hair.  Fantastic, Brenda!"
  • "Wonderful and very much promising artist"

Thanks for taking a look!

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