Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Steiff Gold Sequin Teddy Bears from Enchanted Forest Collection

Just wanted to share a photo of both the large and small Steiff Bears Gold Sequin Teddy bears.  We loved both of these bears the minute that we saw them but unfortunately, there were not very popular with Steiff collectors.  Many told us that they did not care for the Enchanted Forest Collection from last year because the materials that the bears were made from were not the traditional mohair.

Anyway, the material of these teddy bears is a gold sequin material and their bear paws are made of white velvet material.

We still have both of these bears in stock.  The larger sequin teddy bear is EAN 025990 and the smaller sequin bear is EAN 025945.  (Please note that we were not very fond of the stock photo of the smaller bear as he looks a bit mean, but as you can see by the photo, that is not the case at all).

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Monday, June 17, 2013

New Boyds Bears Have Arrived

Our long awaited Boyd's Bear order which is supposed to ship in June and July has finally started to arrived.

We have received in three Limited Edition Plush - Carley Teddy 4035273, Zoey Teddy 4036721, and pictured left, the limited edition Frederick Q. Bearmore 4034007. He is quite the massive and furry teddy bear. . .

In addition, part of the Appleseed Fashion Family arrived to include Cortland Appleseed 4034125, Jonnie Appleseed 4034126, and Gala Appleseed 4034127. Each one features corduroy material in their outfits and a cute apple theme.

We are still awaiting the much anticipated Patriotic plush bears and several Boyds Treasure Boxes (formerly know as Uncle Bean's Treasure Boxes).

Please stay tuned!

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