Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Charlie Bears Arriving More Frequently in 2013

We are thrilled that we are receiving shipments of Charlie Bears at least twice a month, and in some months we have received 3 shipments.

It appears that Charlie Bears has gotten their manufacturing glitches taken care of and production is abuzz.

Charlie Bears are taking the US by storm, and we are certainly not surprised that this was going to happen.  Each Charlie Bear has so much personality and charm.  And they are always of a high-quality plush, mohair, or alpaca.  Their floppiness adds to their charm as well.

It truly feels like Christmas each time we receive a shipment and can't wait to open up those Charlie Bear boxes all taped up in white tape.  It is quite incredible how quickly the boxes get to Texas from the UK. 

Please stay tuned as we are expecting in another shipment in the next couple of days. . .

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Steiff's Wicked Witch of the West Teddy Bear (EAN 682407) Has Finally Arrived

After a very long wait, we are pleased to announce that Steiff's version of the Wizard of Oz' Wicked Witch of the West Teddy Bear has finally arrived.  This mohair bear is made from the finest green Schulte mohair and wears the classic black witche's outfit.

The "Wizard of Oz" still remains one of the most beloved films of all time and this year marks the 75th anniversary of the movie.  (Wicked Witch of the West Bear Steiff EAN 682407) wears a commemorative 75th anniversary medallion around her neck.

This limited edition Steiff North American Exclusive comes from an edition size of 1939 pieces.

Sure to be a Steiff collector's favorite!

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

More Charlie Bears on Their Way. . .

Sherlock Charlie Bear
We are pleased to announce that another shipment of Charlie Bears is expected sometime next week.  It is great to see that the Charlie Bear Bearhouse is expediting their shipping schedule so we do not have long to wait to receive in these incredible bears. 

There will be a good mix of both plush and mohair bears included in this shipment:

Bray CB131340
Geoffrey CB131384
Hughes SJ5071
Jumble CB131360
Kennett CB131391
Kuma CB131349
Mitchell SJ5061
Rebus SJ5045
Sherlock SJ5035
Solitaire SJ5032

(Please keep in mind that if the SKU starts with CB, it is a plush teddy bear, and if it starts with SJ it is a mohair teddy bear.)

For a sneak peek, please take a look at our "Coming Soon" Charlie Bears subcategory.

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