Friday, June 17, 2016

2016 DOLLS Award of Excellence Winner for Brenda

I was absolutely thrilled to find out that my entry for the DOLLS Magazine 2016 Industry's Choice Awards was announced as a winner at the recent International Doll & Teddy Show held in Ashville, NC. Little Darling in Violet was under the Doll Face-Up/Repaint Category. Many thanks to the judges who voted for her.

Some additional information about Little Darling in Violet as submitted to DOLLS Magazine:

"Little Darling in Violet wears a handmade full-length dress made from dupioni silk in majestic purple.  Both the sleeves and skirt are edged in purple plum pleated satin ribbon trim.  Each row of  pleated trim on her dress is adorned with white Victorian lace that has been embellished with Swarovski AB (Aurora Borealis) crystal flat back crystals, white Swarovski pearls, and purple pearls interspersed throughout.  In addition, tiny crystal Swarovski faceted crystals are strategically placed throughout the white Victorian lace backed by an iridescent pearl cup sequin. 
Little Darling in Violet wears a pair of white tights and white patent leather shoes decorated with tiny white ribbon bows and Swarovski AB crystal flat back crystals that match those in her dress.
She wears a hand-beaded necklace with an iridescent snakeskin oval cabochon surrounded by amethyst iris seed beads. This pendant hangs from a faux diamond encrusted chain.  Little Darling in Violet also wears a pair of white Swarovski pearl earrings. 
Her long, dark brown hair is pulled back from her face and she wears a matching violet organza ribbon in her hair.
In addition, her fingernails have been painted with a matching violet polish to perfectly coordinate with her outfit.

Special features (list any collaborating designers/artists) Dianna Effner Little Darling Doll Mold was used."

Photos submitted were as follows:
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  1. Oh my.. how beautiful. She is really very special. Is she up for sale?
    I love your work and enjoy these gorgeous pieces of art
    Happy holidays and merry Christmas
    Muna B