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Madame Alexander Dolls Classification and Identification

The Alexander Doll Company has quite a history.  Founded way back in 1923 by the illustrious Madame Beatrice Alexander, this is one of the few doll companies that has withstood the test of time since its inception over 90 years ago.

So, how is your Madame Alexander doll classified and identified?  We will provide you with a high level overview in hopes that it will prove informative and useful.

Take from the "Madame Alexander Dolls Buying Guide", it is important to first and foremost classify your collectible Madame Alexander Doll.  The determinant here is her age.



Antique Madame Alexander dolls
Generally, Madame Alexander dolls made before the 1930s are considered to be antiques.
Collectible Madame Alexander dolls
The word collectible can refer to many different things, but collectible Madame Alexander dolls are those that were made more than 25 but less than 75 years ago.
Modern Madame Alexander dolls
Dolls made within the last 25 years are considered to be modern Madame Alexander dolls.
Contemporary Madame Alexander dolls
Any dolls in current production are considered to be contemporary dolls.
After determining which category your collectible doll falls into, it is then best to identify the doll. Throughout the Alexander Doll Company's history, there have been many distinctive face sculpts to create a myriad of dolls.

They are as follows: (taken from the 2004 Madame Alexander Catalog)

Name Timeframe
Cissy 1955-present
Elise 1957-present
Cissette 1957-present
Maggie 1960-1961 (reintroduced 1997)
Huggums 1963-present
Pussycat 1965-present
Victoria 1966-present
Rusty 1967-present
Alexandra Fairchild Ford 2000-present
Paris Williams 2001-present
Petite Wendy 2001-present
Hannah Pepper 2002-present
Jadde Lee 2002-present
Isabelle 2002-present
Wendy Woodkin 2003-present
Sofia Cruz 2004
Olivia 2001-present
One of the first set of collectible dolls based on real people were the famous Dionne Quintuplets (pictured above) way back in 1936.  This introduction was the ultimate in setting a trend in duplicating famous people.

If you have any questions about your Madame Alexander Doll, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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