Wednesday, July 19, 2006

2006 Madame Alexander 21 inch Cissy Dolls Starting to Arrive

As previously promised by the Alexander Doll Company, July is the month that the 2006 21" Cissy Dolls are being shipped out to retailers.

Late yesterday we received two of these eight exquisite beauties.

Noveau Dynamite Cissy (just in case you didn't know "nouveau" means new in French), is quite striking with her dark skin color, platinum blonde hair, and incredible green-blue eyes. We were quite excited as we received low edition numbers of this Cissy. Currently we have #7 of only 150 dolls featured on the site.

We were taken aback by the beauty of Scene Stealer Cissy when opening her box. Her curly auburn red hair and incredible blue eyes really enhance her classic navy blue silk dress. Incidentally, Scene Stealer Cissy comes from theVintage Alexander Collection, and she is a limited edition #22 of 200. All of these dolls are a special tribute to Madame's most legendary sculpts and highly regarded creations from earlier eras.

Please note that with the purchase of any 21" Cissy dolls in stock, you will receive a 21" Madame Alexander Dress Form free of charge. (This is a $49.95 value).

If you are interested in a particular Cissy that you do not see on the site, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can track down when her anticipated arrival is.

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